Dining room, kitchen

  • The dining room with fan and hammock
  • Equipped kitchen (ovens, freezer , refrigerator, coffee maker and dishes)
The dining room is a meeting place .
We offer you a continental breakfast in the morning at the rate of 2200 XPF/person including: Coffee/tea, eggs, bacon, brioche/cake, bread, fruit and fruit juice, homemade jams.
In the evening, a service of homemade pizzas. Reservations for the service can be made on site.

Public areas

Lots of fruit trees around the lodge, depending on the season you’ll taste the fruits (lime, Polynesian grape fruit, papaya, bread fruit, avocado, …..) When going to the white sand beach, you can lie on a deck chair or in the shade with your feet in the water.


In order to make it easier for you, we advise you to rent a car at the airport. You’ll find our car rental link.